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Jerry Cronin, Air Force Network Integration Center Director of Networthiness
Leading Yourself
The significant research and analysis that exists on the topic of leadership and the attributes of good leaders challenged me to find original and concise opening remarks for a recent leadership panel. I decided to draw the distinction between a leader and a manager and focused on the first definition of a leader that I found in a dictionary: "One
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Col Riz Ali, Air Force Network Integration Center Commander Innovation key to our future
Our nation is facing a number of challenges that affect our government.  As a result, change is happening all around the Air Force.The institution of the Air Force will survive but there is no doubt we'll be operating differently.  Over the past several years we have implemented a number of efficiency efforts to shape the force while maintaining
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Default Air Force Logo Feedback: What happened to our Feedback System?
Good Morning Senior Airman Snuffy. It's time for your initial feedback session; see you in my office at 1000 hours. Far too often, as these feedback sessions conclude, I am informed by the ratee, that it is the first formal feedback session they've ever received. Our Airmen have heard about our feedback system; unfortunately, many of them don't
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Default Air Force Logo Remembering our nation on 9/11
Chances are you remember where you were and every detail of that fateful day 10 years ago. The attacks on 9/11 were a rude, symbolic attack on the American way of life. It's an unforgettable moment in our nation's history.We take time to pay tribute each year to the 9/11 victims and the thousands of first responders, volunteers, recovery workers
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Default Air Force Logo Your wingman just might save your life
The telephone rang and broke the silence of the early morning. I reached for it and realized it was 4:32 a.m. As a Squadron Commander at the time, I received dozens of late night phone calls but this one was very, very different. The caller calmly said, "Sir, this is the wing command post and we have a casualty notification." I was instantly wide
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Default Air Force Logo Focus on putting the “O” in ATSO
It's another huge week for the warriors of the 375th Air Mobility Wing as we rally for one last practice of deploying our forces to the fight, even amidst a Health Services Inspection. With so many moving pieces in the mobility machine, it's great to see everyone working together to get the most out of this exercise so we can better execute our war
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Default Air Force Logo Team provides network analysis during wargames
It's 2020, in a remote corner of the world; a border country's radical leader inserts fanatic terrorists to infiltrate across the border of a staunch U.S. ally. Destabilizing the social and economic foundation would provide the opportunity to usurp the current, west-friendly government . . .The country's resources are highly desired by its
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Default Air Force Logo Enterprise capabilities makes significant strides
AFCA's Enterprise Capabilities directorate has made significant strides in delivering  infrastructures and programs in support of C4ISR operations worldwide, as well as drafting policy and procedures that enable the warfighter to fully harness information. We are the lead command for the Combat Information Transport System, Active Directory, and
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Default Air Force Logo Payday loans = Big business for them, poorhouse for you
In an interview on "Dan Rather Reports," Mary Ann Olson said she took out a payday loan for $140 and ended up paying back more than $2,000. She turn to them because she didn't have enough savings to purchase a pair of orthopedic shoes due to multiple sclerosis. She believed it was the only option to solve her money problem. Unfortunately that's
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Point of View: Proud to Serve - Feb 07 Proud to Serve? You bet!
Proud to Serve? You bet! The June 2006 issue of the intercom about Engineering and Installation did me proud, too. You see, I'm one of those E&I officers who found a niche in deploying in support of the war effort and that issue caused me to reflect and appreciate the past seven years in particular. Beginning in late 2000, I deployed to Riyadh,
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