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  • Airmen demonstrate combat skills at Cope Tiger '07

    Packing bags and building pallets is second nature to Airmen of the Theater Deployable Communications element here. That's why taking a short hop to Udon Thani Air Base, Thailand, to participate in Cope Tiger '07, was just another opportunity to demonstrate their excellence. Cope Tiger is the largest joint/combined air combat exercise conducted in
  • Army strong Airmen at Camp Zama

    The Air Force's Fitness Program makes Airmen strong -- but Camp Zama's Soldiers are giving Airmen a taste of what it means to be "Army Strong." That's because 46 Airmen attached to the 374th Communications Squadron at Yokota Air Base, (but are actually stationed at Camp Zama, an Army post here) are learning Army-style combat life saving
  • Combat comm transforms its operations, management

    During an exercise in 2006, Airmen here convoyed their Theater Deployable Communications equipment with dozens of tactical vehicles that towed heavy AN/TSC-100A satellite comm terminals, 20-foot antennas, water tankers, and fuel trailers. They paraded this heavy metal through the crowded streets of Korea to an 18-acre combat communications
  • Wolf Comm uses collaboration tools for mission success

    The 8th Communications Squadron, commonly known as Wolf Comm, provides vital support for command, control, communications, and computer systems at the 8th Fighter Wing. The squadron uses several programs to enable the wing to accomplish its mission. COMMUNITY OF INTEREST NETWORK One program area Wolf Comm has integrated into its mission is a
  • Commentary: Final 'intercom' published in August

    It's with regret that I must advise you that intercom magazine will cease publication as of August. As we all know, the Air Force is currently under great pressure to downsize and economize, and this is one result of that effort. With the mandated redistribution of our public affairs positions to other Air Force organizations, it's not feasible for
  • The Virtual Air Force

    What is virtualization technology? According to one of the leading virtualization vendors, "Virtualization is an abstraction layer that decouples the physical hardware from the operating system. Virtualization allows multiple virtual machines, with different operating systems, to run side-by-side on the same physical machine. Each virtual machine
  • Pioneers bridge Alaska to D.C. comm gap

    Military communications in Alaska has historically come with numerous challenges. At the turn of the 20th Century, official messages between Washington, D.C., and Alaska took between two and six months to be delivered. Gen. Alphonus Greely, chief of the Army Signal Corps, began making plans to connect Alaska to the rest of the world by telegraph.
  • Operating in a new world

    Our first priority with Warfighting Integration is to win the Global War on Terror as an interdependent member of the joint team. The communications and information community is poised to bring fresh capability to our forces as they prosecute this fight. Our second priority is to care for our Airmen. This includes developing our workforce to
  • AFCA brings security, standards, efficiency to AF networks

    In 1934, President Roosevelt directed the Army Air Corps to deliver the airmail during a postal strike that crippled national commerce. Later called the "Airmail Disaster of 1934," 12 Airmen and 66 aircraft were lost during the ensuing months, signaling the need to standardize the development and acquisition of air traffic control and landing
  • Leadership: A mental model to face challenges

    The combination of evolving world threats, the number of contingencies, and the rapid evolution and accessibility of technology creates a dynamic and challenging battlefield environment for military operations. This increasingly fast-paced and competitive environment demands a continuous, realistic level of integration, synchronization, and